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Union League Club 38 East 37th Street

Artistry, Technology, and our Evolution

Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT

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Speaker: Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT

Artistry, Technology and Our Evolution

Artistry, Technology and Our Evolution
We are at an exciting time where artistry, technology, products, and processes are shaping our
profession. In today’s evolving market place the importance of utilizing technology is paramount to our
success. Yet the loss of the artistic process has hurt the dental market. Our goal for the future of the dental
health profession is to provide esthetic, functional restorative options to support the needs of our patients.
The evolution of our clinical and technical roles is much more demanding today. We must have an
understanding of each of the materials options and technologies that can help us resolve patient issues and
provide long term health. A clear understanding of the diagnostic communication process will aid our
dental partnership in the future and create long term success for our patients.  As the clinical and technical
side of dentistry continues to evolve, we too must grow and be able to create products for broad-spectrum
materials. Understanding the diagnostic options and being able to select materials based on our comfort
levels will be critical. Although creativity will always be our strength, how we get there must also evolve.
Combining our talents for producing the highest quality from traditional methods of fabricating
restorations with the best digital technologies available on the market can be an unbeatable combination
for satisfying the needs of our patients.
Course objectives:
1. Discuss the future of artistry and technology
2. Understand how to improve case management and material selection
3. Emphasize the importance of proper diagnostic communication

Peter Pizzi reported that he has no relationship with commercial interest to disclose relevant to the
content of this CERP activity.

As a dental educator for several years, Peter has found a smooth transition into both the technical and clinician circuit lecturing both doctors and technicians nationally and internationally, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. His appreciation and expertise on all phases of clinical and laboratory techniques, including fixed prosthodontics, ceramics, implantology, muscle function, color communication, digital photography, material options, and mandibular physiology, have made him a source of knowledge and motivation for his peers. Peter’s unique lecture ability and communication skills create a great learning environment.- Graduate and Mentor at the Kois Center for Dental Excellence

– Board member of ASMDT (Association of Master Dental Technicians)

– Teacher and educator in Master Dental Technician Program (New York University)

– Member of the AAED (American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry)

– Fellow of the NGS (Northeastern Gnathalogical Society)

– Editor-in-chief, Inside Dental Technology, Aegis Communications

– Executive Board Member of the NGS

– Faculty at NYU College of Dentistry

– ACP technician of the year 2018

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